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Our staff's expertise includes a wide range of engineering and technical disciplines.

With control system design at the heart of our technology we are experts in machine vision, sensor technology, motion control, industrial robotics, Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition(SCADA), programmable controls, mechanical design, and control panel & MCC design. Technical skills are certainly important but our communication skills are what often set us apart. Our motto is to listen and communicate.


The ability to take what is often theoretical process and formulate a practical solution is our specialty.

Our clients often ask us to conceive automated solutions in parallel or in front of the product design. This can only be accomplished with a deep knowledge base to draw upon. Our staff's collective knowledge of material handling, control theory, inspection, process control, data processing, and mechanics enable us to take on a wide variety of applications.


California, our home base, is the eighth largest economy in the world. That distinction equates to a vast number of industrial sectors. We are experienced in an incredibly large array of industries including alternative energy, water treatment, pharmaceutical, food & agriculture, medical device, semi-conductor, biotechnology, consumer goods, packaging, construction materials, mining, beverage & bottling, and security.

The reason we are able to cross all these industry lines is first, we are able to draw upon a technical staff with a wide range of engineering backgrounds; secondly, no matter what industry we are working, the mission is often the same: handle it, measure it, inspect it, collect data, and produce some kind of physical or electronic output.