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Welcome to Saber Engineering

Providing Skill and Service Unmatched in Industry

Most automation companies can only provide basic services such as programming and design capabilities. A significant attribute that sets Saber apart from all the rest is our ability to engineer and build machines and systems. Mechanical engineering is a primary service we provide. Saber offers our customers a complete turn-key solution and mechanical engineering is often the primary component of that solution. Often the product or process must be physically manipulated for presentation to the automation and our knowledge of material handling coupled with our controls know-how ensures your project success.

Here are just some of our capabilities:

Industrial Robotics - we are certified partners with KUKA™, Fanuc™, and Stäubli™. All Best-in-Class robotic companies.

Motion Control - vast experience in servo, stepper and drives. Ranging from rotary, linear, and hybrids. One of our specialties is micro-motion using voice coil technology.

Conveyance Systems - typical material handling using roller, belt and chain style conveyors.

Pneumatics and Hydraulics - SMC and Festo systems are our standard solutions.

Laser Welding and Etching - we have a wide range of experience with solid-state lasers in medical device and solar industries.

Structural and Finish Design - we design and build structural framework using mild and stainless steel weldments as well as aluminum extrusions. We provide forms of finished sheet metal coverings.