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What do coronary artery stents, Dreyer's ice cream, red wine, NETFLIX movies, and diabetes test strips have in common?

What do Duraflame Logs, rocks, coffee, string cheese, and dog food have in common?

How about solar panels, lithography etched micro needle arrays, fuel cells, and pipette tips?

How about anthrax detectors, Toyota Tundras, and Zicam?

Give up? They have all been successfully inspected by Saber Vision Systems.

Saber has built a name as the absolute leader in vision systems in America. Last year alone we deployed over 200 fully custom vision systems across 60 cities in the United States.

What makes Saber different than other equipment manufacturers is that we have a core team of vision engineers dedicated to nothing more than specifying lighting, optics, and writing custom vision algorithms.

With a core vision team and Saber's world renowned machine design skills, we can produce a vision system that not only detects properly, but is something you will be proud to introduce into your manufacturing floor.