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What good is data if you can't use it to perform analysis to optimize your business?

Saber Engineering provides end-to-end data management. Data acquisition begins the process. Saber is well versed in acquiring data through National Instruments hardware, a wide variety of PLCs, and many types of vision systems.

Once the acquisition is done, Saber provides filters, smoothing, and algorithmic logic to ensure precise measurements and reliable data. The data can then be stored for later analysis or also used for real-time trending. Saber has over two decades of experience with data storage. Data can easily be stored in an Oracle database, a Microsoft SQL Server, Excel, or simply a CSV file. We provide a variety of reporting options inculding e-mail notifications and even texts to your cell phone.

Saber engineers are capable of meeting your software requirements. Our engineers are confident in National Instruments Labview, Microsoft .NET, and Java. We are also certified in iFix and Wonderware.

For post processing of data, Saber can provide you with a Crystal Reports solution or a custom software solution to meet your specific needs.

Business processes require good business analysis. Saber can provide you with all the tools you need to start or improve your business.