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Saber OmniView

Saber Engineering in partnership with the Cognex Corporation has developed a truly unique machine vision system designed to inspect cylindrical objects at high rates of speed. The system is called OmniView. Imagine how useful it would be to inspect the entire cylindrical surface of bottles, cans, vials, or cosmetic containers without the need for orientation or accurate positioning. This seemingly impossible capability is what OmniView technology provides. OmniView uses 4 cameras to obtain a 360-degree view of all features on the entire surface. It can read barcodes, verify text, inspect graphics and measure features at production line speeds of up to 960 parts per minute.

OmniView is a revolutionary vision software technology that uses images from multiple cameras to create one seamless and undistorted 360-degree image of any cylindrical surface. Obtaining such an image without OmniView requires stopping and rotating each cylindrical object in front of a line scan camera - a complex process that is too slow for today's high-speed production lines.


  • • Label Placement & Verification
  • • Day-Lot Code (OCV & OCR)
  • • 1D & 2D ID reading
  • • Gross Defect Detection
  • • Out-Of-Roundness
  • • Gauging (without a telecentric lens)
  • • Color Inspection


  • Up to 960 parts per minute
  • Gig E cameras for speed and noise immunity
  • 2 Mega Pixel or 5 Mega Pixel Resolution
  • Stainless Steel Wash-down Enclosures
  • Removable side panels for ease of access
  • PC Based Control
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Remote Access Capability

Multi-line Units